''Explore Divers Paradise''

Explore ‘’Divers Paradise!’’

Bonaire is known as one of the best diving destinations worldwide! Most people also call Bonaire ‘’Divers Paradise.’’ The entire island’s economy is largely focused on tourism from scuba divers and snorkelers who are adventurous and ready to explore the underwater world.

It doesn’t matter if you are going to dive for the very first time or if you already have some experience in the underwater world. There are many opportunities to get guidance from dive instructors. A list of dive shops where you can find the right equipment as gas bottles, diving suits, flippers and dive buddy’s are listed on www.reisbonaire.nl

Diving in Bonaire is exciting and breathtaking because of the diverse species that call the island’s waters’ home. You can find everything here, from tiny creatures that make the reefs their home, to sea turtles, colorful tropical fish of all sizes, schooling fish, harmless sharks and even dolphins!

As a diver you can have easy access to the reefs on Bonaire. This also makes Bonaire one of the best diving spots. Each reef has its own charm and own diversity in the underwater world. You can access the reefs from the shores and some other parts of the island, mainly along the western and southern coast.

There are a total of 60 dive sites in to be explored. A must see is ‘’Klein Bonaire’’ this a small island that lies to the west of the Island. Most dive operators will gladly offer trips to Klein Bonaire and other isolated or otherwise difficult to access dive sites in the areas surrounding the island.