A one-of-a-kind special place in Bonaire

From the moment you arrive at the villa and you tacle the driveway you know you are in a special place.

The house is truly one-of-a-kind, the double stairs and the way the bedrooms are scattered give the guests a privacy unheard of. I love the kitchen where you can cook overlooking the sea and then serve food in the beautiful patio outside.

The pool is great but really what makes the house so special is the private access to the sea. For an avid diver like me it is like heaven. The access is fairly simple.... provided you can climb some pool stairs.... the reef in front of the house is really nice.... we explored from zero to about 200 feet and found it most interesting for fishes, crustacean, lots of eels and an occasional squid...

If you do night dives beware a group of tarpons will shadow you to use your torch as beacon to eat small fishes....it is a show to see them hunting.....don’t be afraid they are using u in a friendly way......very tame fishes although may appear a little aggressive. So far one of the best houses you have shown me.


~ M.Fregosi, Charlotte, USA